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Flex Mini



The Flex Mini wireless control provides a cost-effective solution to the restrictive use of hardwired pendants. Small in size, the Flex Mini fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and incorporates the latest control technology in a lightweight, yet durable case.

This low cost, easy-to-install transmitter is the ideal solution for a variety of systems and industries requiring simple control operations, such as tilt trays, tail lifts, winches, hydraulic doors, and more.

  • 8 pushbuttons configured as on/off
  • Compact and lightweight to prevent operator fatigue
  • Small enough to fit inside a shirt pocket
  • Informative LEDs provide diagnostic and system status
  • Advanced microprocessor controls with 32-bit CRC provide ultra-fast and safe encoding and decoding
  • IP66, sealed to withstand harsh, industrial environments
  • A variety of standard labels are included − custom labelling available